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'We have grown to completely trust Attenda, adding a number of additional services. Most critically, engaging with their consulting team has been invaluable in supplementing, defining and delivering projects that would be impossible for our small internal IT department to deliver.'


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End User Computing

Recent market trends of anywhere, anytime, any device computing, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and always on access, have resulted in a big focus on user productivity, wherever the user is, and what device they have access to at the time.

End User Computing encapsulates this requirement – it is about devices, business application, delivery, flexibility and governance – and is a key focus area for Attenda.

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Productivity & Collaboration

Businesses are at their most productive when their staff are able to collaborate efficiently. The goal being a connected workplace, providing seamless collaboration between co-workers, partners and suppliers. To enable this requires a synergy of key IT services such as desktop, mobile applications, modern telephony and the use of unified communications and collaboration tools to connect people with information and other people, wherever they are.

Enterprises are faced with increasingly distributed and mobile workforces and technology integration challenges; with more dependency on applications and tools that can be accessed wherever and whenever they are needed. However, these applications, with more varied consumers and new uses of data, present new challenges for the underlying infrastructure; because of the ever-increasing need for processing power, data storage and network connectivity. Providing applications that users need, without significant downtime or latency, requires a highly reliable infrastructure to ensure that the business can operate resiliently.

Whether you want to align with industry best practice, or simply deliver the performance and availability that your business requires, it is now more important than ever to have a robust enterprise-wide productivity and collaboration solution, to ensure that these business critical applications can continue to meet current and future business needs.

We can assist, by providing you with highly available, high performance, fully managed productivity & collaboration solutions, based upon Microsoft technologies. Our Managed Services for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Lync Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server provide you with a robust platform for your business critical messaging and collaboration, with high levels of security and full disaster recovery capabilities. Our services are supported by clear business outcome focused Service Level Agreements; we monitor and manage your systems 24 x 7, using our dedicated support and operations team.

CVC Case Study

“We have grown to completely trust Attenda, adding a number of additional operational services and most critically engaging with their Consulting team which has been invaluable in supplementing, defining and delivering projects that would be impossible for our small, internal IT department to deliver.”

CVC case study

Other Productivity & Collaboration clients include:

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Additionally, we can provide an IT infrastructure to support these powerful business critical applications with the capability to scale rapidly, keeping up with user demand; and with the ability to process and store data as it scales, without putting the initial infrastructure investment at risk. Our cloud solutions have the same high levels of performance, availability and security as an on-premise deployment model, but with increased agility, commercial flexibility and reduced total cost of ownership.

Whatever type of infrastructure is right for your business needs, with Attenda managed services, you can benefit from highly available, agile, secure and resilient solutions for your productivity and collaboration applications; keeping your business and your users operating optimally.