Critical Applications

'The partnership with Attenda has given us the opportunity to focus our own internal IT resources into projects and activities that add value to the business; knowing that our core SAP systems are in safe and trusted hands.'


Critical Applications

All businesses have critical applications that they rely upon to function effectively. Due to their criticality, if these applications were unavailable, the business would not be able to operate - with huge impact on revenues, reputation and customer satisfaction.

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Digital Business solutions

The criticality to the business of Digital Business solutions has risen steadily. Omnichannel solutions now support physical, online, mobile and social channels. Well-conceived, responsive, reliable and secure E-business solutions are increasingly the difference between thriving businesses and the also-rans.

Success in Digital Business relies on agility – the ability to sense and respond to opportunities and to continually evolve a multi-channel dialogue with customers by trialling and testing alternative approaches, integrating real-time information and leveraging analytics. This speed of innovation is different to traditional critical IT, but customer needs are no less demanding. For example, acceptable website response times have come down from the maximum 10 seconds originally indicated by Jakob Nielsen with studies now pointing to ~2-3 seconds as the new maximum before customers may abandon.

Organisations need to achieve robust Critical Applications service levels with an agile evolution of their  digital business offerings – no mean feat. Attenda’s sixteen year track record of serving some of the biggest users of  digital business can help. We provide a rich tool-box of solutions and more importantly the consultative approach needed to use these to deliver your business outcomes.

We will work with you and your in-house team or agency to select the best mix of managed services and cloud services and design a solution which addresses your customers’ needs for performance, availability, recoverability and security of digital business services. We will then apply all of our experience and expertise to run the services to these agreed levels and back this up in contractual guarantees. We manage all the infrastructure to achieve at least agreed service levels and provide regular insights through our dedicated service management reviews and client portal to help you track and develop your E-business solution.

Our track record means that we understand the complexities and intricacies of  digital business and can demonstrate proven experience in industry leading e-commerce platforms, legacy applications, back-end systems integration, process chains and multi-sales channels.

A partnership with Attenda can supplement your internal team, providing a multi-disciplinary set of skills and resources experienced in solving complex digital business issues. We go beyond the infrastructure to help you to build digital business channels that securely serve your customers, build your business and protect your brand.


Travelodge Case Study

“Our business has changed and grown over the eight years that we have been working with Attenda and the ability for Attenda to grow with us and be flexible enough to adapt has been absolutely essential to the critical development of our business together.”


Other Digital Business clients includes:

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In creating your ideal digital business solution, we can help you select from a range of service options such as:-

  •  Flexible deployment to allow for Web-scale growth or spikes of visitor traffic – private, public or hybrid cloud deployment.  As an Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services, we offer the benefits of a fully managed combined with Amazon Web Services rapid deployment and features such as auto-scaling to cope with increased demand automatically.
  • Customer experience enhancement – Advanced load-balancing and caching options (including Akamai)
  •  Always open  - resilient infrastructures and disaster tolerant solutions
  • Digital Business security – options including intrusion prevention and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection

All of our digital business services are looked after by UK-based Attenda staff 24x7x365 using highly advanced monitoring including monitoring of specific webpages and transactions.