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'Implementing an outsourced solution with Attenda has resulted in a more consistent, and cost effective continuous service across our key business platforms to our internal and external clients.'


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Cloud Services

The advent and progress of cloud computing in recent years has resulted in a major advantage and opportunity for businesses of all sizes, to specify, design, build, test, deploy and manage applications, platforms and supporting infrastructure in completely new ways.

Business survival today depends upon IT innovation. The promise of the cloud is for the delivery of ‘service anywhere’ – services at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. However, the impact of the cloud on traditional IT can be confusing and complex.

We understand this. Our experience and skill profile in both private and public cloud environments, across multiple platforms, puts Attenda in a unique position to play a vital role in your plans to embrace hybrid computing.

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Managed Private Cloud

Cloud computing is changing the CIO’s focus away from building infrastructure and applications, to accessing these applications wherever and whenever they are required. It is becoming an essential component of business innovation and agility for IT services, to be able to respond quickly to rapidly changing commercial needs.

Whether your key business driver for moving part, or all, of your infrastructure to the cloud is to simplify the environment, increase agility or reduce costs; the fundamental principles of infrastructure management are unchanged. It is vital that your cloud service provider can deliver the required security for existing or new business critical services as they are migrated to the cloud; and with service levels that are linked to meaningful and measurable business outcomes.

Our approach is to provide you with a secure, scalable, cloud IaaS platform or private managed cloud solution for your business critical applications and services.

Our cloud IaaS platform has been designed for business critical applications, offering the highest levels of availability, performance and security, but with the on demand, pay per usage benefits of cloud IaaS.  It delivers unprecedented business agility through the timely deployment of computing resource, with additional capacity when needed most – right size, right time.

Princes Case Study

“Effectively monitoring the smooth running of our production lines with innovative cloud-based solutions.”

Princes case study

Other Managed Private Cloud clients include:

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We assure your continued service quality by providing a highly available and resilient platform; you can immediately scale your IT up to 150% of your processor, memory storage and bandwidth capacity to meet unpredicted and planned future business demand.

With Attenda fully managed IaaS, you can take immediate advantage of new components and generations of technology as they become available, providing the optimal computing platform and eliminating the need to build expensive over-capacity into your physical infrastructure.