Cloud Services

'Implementing an outsourced solution with Attenda has resulted in a more consistent, and cost effective continuous service across our key business platforms to our internal and external clients.'



Cloud Services

The advent and progress of cloud computing in recent years has resulted in a major advantage and opportunity for businesses of all sizes, to specify, design, build, test, deploy and manage applications, platforms and supporting infrastructure in completely new ways.

Business survival today depends upon IT innovation. The promise of the cloud is for the delivery of ‘service anywhere’ – services at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. However, the impact of the cloud on traditional IT can be confusing and complex.

We understand this. Our experience and skill profile in both private and public cloud environments, across multiple platforms, puts Attenda in a unique position to play a vital role in your plans to embrace hybrid IT.


Most organisations are today moving along the journey to a hybrid computing environment; where the appropriate balance of managed on-premise, dedicated and multi-tenant hosted and cloud services is achieved to support their business. For each organisation, the mix of computing models will continue to evolve as the business application requirements change and new services become available in the market. To achieve the right outcome and benefit from the promise of hybrid computing, you need to understand what types of applications and technologies are best suited to cloud services, which are more suited to traditional IT environments, and which can span these platforms. Each service has its own performance, availability, recoverability, insight and security requirements; and every enterprise will require a different mix of traditional and cloud services to achieve its goals.

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Whilst public and private cloud models are well understood, and generally well positioned, the biggest challenge often comes with the question: ‘So what do I deploy where?’. Inevitably the answer to this question is ‘it depends’; however, our expertise, track record and credibility in designing, building and operating business critical applications and operating environments, for many years, means that we are perfectly placed to offer advice on hybrid computing strategies.

Attenda is working with CIOs to help them think more strategically within the business, determining the right IT investments to drive revenue and profitability. We recognise that building the appropriate cloud delivery model for your business is critical to driving increased value through the provision of new business-led IT services, whilst creating the agility and scalability needed to deliver IT innovations quickly and efficiently. As a CIO, you need a standard way of guaranteeing security, governance and compliance; to protect data, reduce risk and ensure service quality at the right levels for various business functions.

We understand that sophisticated Cloud environments are a challenge for most enterprises; they represent highly evolved virtual infrastructures that are complex to manage and need to be integrated with the typical management tools used in virtual environment deployments. Integration of private cloud with public clouds for cloud bursting; and with non-virtual server environments for workloads that are not suited to a multi -tenanted cloud IaaS environment, can often also be a real requirement.

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“Implementing an outsourced solution with Attenda has resulted in a more consistent, and cost effective continuous service across our key business platforms to our internal and external clients.”

BSI case study

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We guide your journey to Hybrid IT, providing highly available, agile and secure cloud services, integrated with traditional IT infrastructures, delivered against business outcome focused SLAs. This approach is helping our Clients to drive IT transformation, enabling innovation, cost optimisation and agile business and IT alignment.

We recognise that one size does not fit all and every enterprise has its own unique IT environment that requires a tailored cloud strategy; developing this strategy involves major decisions about IT infrastructure investment and application hosting. We can provide a broad range of Cloud Services: highly resilient, scalable, secure and highly available self-managed, lightly managed, or fully managed Cloud and Hybrid solutions, to suit a wide variety of applications and computing needs; and with consulting services to support you on your journey to Hybrid IT.

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