Our Approach

Our Business Critical IT approach delivers a unique blend of business outcome focus, together with a structured engagement methodology, and supporting services & infrastructure.

Our Approach

Winning companies are those first to anticipate new opportunities, take advantage of disruptive events and respond quickly to competitive manoeuvres; this capability can only be realised through a very different approach to technology and service. We call this approach - Business Critical IT - the combination of business outcome focus, structured engagement methodology and supporting services & infrastructure.

Our managed services, consultancy and key capabilities address broad IT issues. Through the coherent grouping of services and capabilities, we aim to solve a specific set of business problems of challenges, backed by our credible track record. Our proven operational foundation ensures that our Clients can achieve better business outcomes, whilst supporting innovation and optimisation. This enables Clients to focus on strategy and their business - making them more competitive.


PARIS Service Delivery Framework

PARIS Service Delivery Framework

PARIS – means that we have a complete operational and contractual focus on the Performance, Availability, Recoverability, Insight and Security of your IT services.

PARIS is applied during design of standard Attenda services so that the PARIS capability of a service is clear and backed up with robust measurement and delivery. This allows us to focus on the outcomes you need to achieve when helping you make the right choices of services.

When we work with you to create solutions, we focus on the business outcomes you need to achieve and the PARIS service levels which will support these. PARIS clarity of outcomes helps in making the right choices – e.g. is it worth trading off 0.09% of availability to be able to use a lower cost, more scalable technology or cloud service?

We believe that communicating service outcomes in terms of PARIS is so important to our joint success with clients that we back up as much as is practical within our contractual SLAs.

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Performance and Availability – keeping your business critical applications transacting

We proactively manage the performance and availability of applications against a business-outcome based Service Level Agreement. This addresses application availability from the perspective of the end consumer of the IT service rather than just infrastructure measures which often do not reflect IT consumer experience.

Recoverability – setting clear and measurable targets addressing speed and data availability to get you back in business should disaster strike. We can also run the tests required to prove that recoverability targets will be met.

Insight – giving you visibility into the performance of your IT services and ensuring you retain control.

Security – ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability for your services (covered in more detail in Security & Compliance section).